When Mum came to visit last Monday afternoon (after a huge weekend of family fun) I casually asked if she was well rested.

“Don’t accuse me of resting,” she bit back…… Lucky I ducked!

It was a rookie mistake. Mum’s always been a doer. Always on the go. When we were little, day trips meant walking and walking and walking until it felt like our legs were going to drop off! We’d be begging for mercy before they even turned back – and then we’d have to walk it all over again!

I rarely, if ever, saw her just sitting around and should have known better…..

…… But then something strange happened.

While visiting with Mum yesterday, I found myself getting a little bored while she played merrily on her iPad.

“Why don’t you go for a walk,” she suggested, not even glancing up. “See if you can spot a snake or two out in the paddock.”

Now, I’ve been told to piss off plenty of times, and in many different ways, but I never expected someone – much less my own mother – to suggest I go in active search of a venomous, potentially lethal snake, just so she could be left in peace to play Hey Day!

Hey Day!

Lucky for me, it wasn’t long into my rousing, multi-song tribute to The Sound of Music she had a change of heart.

Payback’s a bitch, Mum… and she looks like me!

Blonde on!


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