The Polar Fleece Feud

The Lord of the Manor and I have an ongoing argument, a mere trifle as to what constitutes a jumper?

I argue determinedly that anything constructed as a jumper, regardless of material or pattern is, without doubt, classifiable as a jumper. The Lord of the Manor argues back that important distinctions need to be studiously observed. No blanket terms for him!

Rather ridiculously, the item at the centre of our most heated debate is nothing less than the Polar Fleece Jumper. I claim a jumper made of polar fleece is nothing other than a jumper and should be referred to as such. The Lord of the Manor will have none of it. ‘It’s a polar fleece,’ he insists.

What about blankets made of polar fleece? I challenge him. Or dressing gowns made of polar fleece? Polar fleece is a fabric. Not a particular garment.

But no, that will not do, because we merrily categorise hoodies, cable knits, roll necks, windcheaters, cardigans, pullovers, vests, turtle necks, v-necks, etc….

….. Why shouldn’t we also separate, by definition, the polar fleece?

Help me, dear reader, convince the Lord of the Manor that I am right and he is wrong, because as we all know – he is.

It’s a bloody jumper!

Blonde on!


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